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Term dates

All rehearsals are on Saturday mornings at North Wing music block, Fortismere School, 10.30am - 1pm unless otherwise stated.

Autumn 2021

We restart rehearsals on 11th September, 10.30am - 1pm with a break for refreshments.

There will be no rehearsals on either 23rd or 30th October as the school is closed for half term.

Please enter school grounds via South Wing entrance (Tetherdown).

Guidelines for rehearsals:

Music for Autumn 2021

Magnificat in D major - JS Bach (BWV 243) - we will use the Bärenreiter edition, and include the inserts in the Appendix. Scores are available to buy at rehearsals.

Nun ist das Heil und die Kraft - JS Bach (BWV 50)

Plus a selection of carols.

We will be singing the Magnificat in German Latin, which means some consonants are pronounced differently. There are only a few changes we need to note as identified in red below:

Spelling Phonetics In these words Pronunciation guide
(before e, i, æ, œ)
ts fecit
As in ‘rats
g g generationes Hard ‘g’ as in ‘get’
gn gn magnificat As in ‘Agnes’
qu kv   As in ‘kvetch’
(before e, i, æ, œ)
sts   As in ‘lasts
(before e, i, æ, œ)
ksts excelsis Say as if inserting extra ‘t’ into English ‘excel’ so it sounds like ‘extsel’
y y   Like German ‘ü’ as in ‘Glück’


Rehearsal aids


Listen to a recording here: Magnificat - John Eliot Gardiner
Listen to a recording of Vom Himmel hoch
Listen to a recording of Gloria in excelsis Deo


Main choruses
Online resource for main choruses:

Vom Himmel hoch



[soprano part is simple chorale]

Gloria in excelsis Deo
Soprano 1:







Cantata no. 50: Nun ist das Heil und die Kraft:

Download the score from here: BWV_50_Nun_ist_das_Heil_VS_PML.pdf
We will sing the Choir II part (with soloists singing Choir I)

Listen to a recording here: Nun ist das Heil und die Kraft - Helmuth Rilling


Online resource with parts:​​​​​​


Our Christmas concert is planned for 4th December 2021.


Fortismere Music Centre Manager - Joe Winters
Musical Director - Marvin Perrott

Co-chairs - Catrin Dillon and Anne Hutchings
Committee members - Deborah Rookes (tenor), Sally Stevens (soprano), Sue White (alto), Andrew Wickham (bass)

Recipe book

You can buy our recipe book at Saturday rehearsals.

We all know we've got exceptional cooks in our midst. Who can forget the myriad of salads, divine Jansson's Temptation, or green-orange spinach-lentil roulade at Christmas parties? As for cake - well, that's what we come for on a Saturday morning!

So in 2018 we created a cakes and parties bookJane Dorner (soprano) worked really hard to collate, illustrate, and design the book, and arrange production. Choir member and artist Sarah McMenemy produced a wonderful cover for it.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.