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Term dates - 2019

All rehearsals are at North Wing music block, Fortismere School, from 10.30am - 1pm (with coffee break) unless otherwise stated.
Please bring a mug and £1 contribution for tea/coffee.

Note that any additional all-day rehearsals and sessions with Marvin will be added when dates are known.

Spring term Summer term

23rd February
2nd March
9th March
16th March
23rd March

Evening technical sectionals
(7pm start or as agreed):

12th February - Basses
26th February - Sopranos

5th March - Altos
26th March - Tenors

30th March ALL DAY rehearsal
(10.30am - 4pm)

27th April
Friday 3rd May - church (eve)
4th May
11th May
Friday 17th May - church (eve)
18th May (concert day)
25th May

* half term *

8th June
15th June
22nd June
29th June (concert)
6th July

Saturday 18th May 2019 - Spring concert (joint with FCSO) - Beethoven's Missa Solemnis

Saturday 29th June 2019 - Summer opera (choruses with FCSO) - Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro


Fortismere Music Centre Manager - Joe Winters
Musical Director - Marvin Perrott

Co-chairs - Catrin Dillon and Anne Hutchings
Committee members - Charlie Dunn, Deborah Rookes, Sally Stevens, Andrew Wickham


Below are links to example versions recommended by Marvin; many others are available:

Cappella Amsterdam & Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century - Daniel Reuss
Chicago Symphony Chorus & Orchestra - Sir Georg Solti
Singing City Choirs & Philadelphia Orchestra - Eugene Ormandy

Rehearsal aids

Midi files for all parts can be found on - scroll down the page to find the controls (where you can skip forward/backward and control speed etc) and to find the later sections.

Skip to the following times in cyberbass to practise specific sections:

Allegro ma non troppo (part of the Quoniam section of the Gloria)
p39 (bar 360): 1:04

Presto (part of the Quoniam section of the Gloria)
p53 (bar 525): 5:48

Et incarnatus est (part of the Credo)
p67 (bar 140): 1:08

Et resurrexit (part of the Credo):
p74 (bar 188): 0:00
p79 (bar 264): 1:40
p82 (bar 306): 3:12
p87 (bar 372): 5:30
p88 (bar 378): 5:41
p92 (bar 433): 7:22

Pronunciation guides
German Latin pronunciation guide
German Latin pronunciation guide - alternative version

Spelling Phonetics In these words Pronunciation guide


(before e, i, æ, œ)

ts benedicimus
As in 'rats'
g g agimus
Hard 'g' as in 'get'
gn gn agnus
As in 'Agnes'
qu kv filoque
As in 'kvetch'


(between vowels)

z Ecclesiam
As in 'zoo'


(before e, i, æ, œ)

sts ascendit
As in 'lasts'


(before e, i, æ, œ)

ksts excelsis Say as if inserting extra 't' into English 'excel' so it sounds like 'ekstsel'
y ü kyrie Like German 'ü' as in 'Glück'

Scores marked up with counting - copy into your scores to help you count:
Kyrie.pdf (pp1-13)
Gloria.pdf (pp14-55)
Credo.pdf (pp56-64)
Et incarnatus.pdf (pp65-73}
Et resurrexit.pdf (pp74-97) - note that pp79-82 section will be counted in 4, not in 2 as marked up. So markings '1 & 2 &' should be changed to '1 2 3 4'
Agnus Dei.pdf (pp118-148)

Translation and notes - from The Choral Society

Recipe book

You can buy our recipe book at Saturday rehearsals.

We all know we've got exceptional cooks in our midst. Who can forget the myriad of salads, divine Jansson's Temptation, or green-orange spinach-lentil roulade at Christmas parties? As for cake - well, that's what we come for on a Saturday morning!

So in 2018 we created a cakes and parties bookJane Dorner (soprano) worked really hard to collate, illustrate, and design the book, and arrange production. Choir member and artist Sarah McMenemy produced a wonderful cover for it.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.